Pansodan Philosophy

Pansodan Art Gallery was founded to promote art and culture so artists can survive, art can thrive and reach every corner of society in Myanmar. We actively search for more ways to bring art to people who might otherwise not be engaged with it. We believe that art is an integral part of society and humanity, and that art is essential for the healthy functioning of a society. Art is good for the mind, it makes people think, and helps people to understand others’ perspectives and experiences.

We believe that the festival form has great potential to attract a wide audience and showcase a variety of different elements. Festivals draw in people to have discussions and see new things. Public social festivals build trust and encourage exploration. This process of viewing together, listening, reading, and talking about the festivals helps to re-establish trust that breaks down during upheavals.

We have organised festivals in other parts of the country, collaborating with the people of the town to produce an interactive festival reflecting their interests, arts, crafts, and history. These brought arts and new thinking to the people and invited them to participate.

Open History Festivals,
• Art Festival for Peace,
Thanakha Festivals,
• Poetry Festivals,
• Ekkhaya Festivals,
Open Music Festivals,
• Local Fashion Design Festivals,
A-nya Snack Festival,
• Pluralism Festival (Bahu Festival),
• Pathein Umbrella Festival

At Pansodan, we value the inspiration and depth that comes from mixing different people, ideas, styles, and traditions. We carry the work of over 200 artists, and have curated and hosted hundreds of exhibitions, readings, showings, performances, and other events in our Yangon spaces as well. We have published books, and a weekly journal.

Artists in Myanmar have passed through many crises in the country. Pansodan seeks to help them survive. We have aspirations to create a regular artists retreat, an artist fund, and an art institute.

Founded in 2008, by Aung Soe Min and Nance Cunningham.

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