Pansodan Art Gallery is how we started. But after a few years, we found we needed an event space, for our own exhibitions, readings, showings, and more, so we opened Pansodan Scene, on the next block. We also produce a variety of media, as you can find out our YouTube channel.

Later we thought we would open a restaurant with paintings and historical photographs on the walls, so that people could have more art without going to a gallery, so Pansuriya came into being. After offering much culinary and visual enjoyment over the years, Pansuriya was a non-human casualty in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pansodan Fine Art at the airport, because why buy leather bags or sunglasses on your way somewhere, when you could buy original art?


Pansodan Art Gallery ပန်းဆိုးတန်း အနုပညာခန်းမ
This is the main and original gallery. Click here to explore exhibitions, art, and artists. Pansodan Gallery is open by appointment during the pandemic restrictions. Call 095 13 08 46 to make an appointment.

Pansodan Scene Art Cafe ပန်းဆိုးတန်း ဗွီဒီယိုကဖေ
Pansodan Scene is an art cafe open daily, but also our performance and events venue. While there have been temporary closures due to circumstances, Pansodan Scene will reopen when conditions permit.

Pansuriya အနုပညာဆုံမှတ်

Pansuriya, a restaurant, event space, and shop has permanently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pansodan Fine Art is our shop in Yangon Terminal 1. Look for us past the coffee shop and to the left as you come out of the duty free shop at the top of the escalator.

House of Tea လက်ဖက်အိမ်
The tea shop has permanently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Myanmar Matika မြန်မာမာတိကာ

The book and gift shop has permanently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pansodan Media

Check our channels out. on YouTube. We have short videos of some installations, ‘Art Minute’ about a particular painting, Open History materials, original music, and more.

Documentaries from Open History Project

The concept of open history is that history is created by the combined experience of the people. By involving the public in describing history as reflected in their memories, possessions, experiences, and photographs, the festival-goers understand that history is not a list of dates and events, but is their lives.

Aung Soe Min
Talks about Art & History

There are many ways to approach history, and one is through images. Looking at the changing propaganda images over the decades, or what is shown in advertisements is an engaging way of showing history in the everyday.

Myanmar Art & Culture Exhibition

Pansodan puts on many exhibitions — solo shows, installations, tributes, group shows, concept shows, performance art. Videos give a sense of some of them.

Myanmar Art & Culture Exhibitions

Short videos featuring installations and exhibitions
in Pansodan Gallery and Pansodan Scene
Yangon, Myanmar

Featured Art ( Myanmar Contemporary)

Featured Art ( Myanmar Contemporary)

Pansodan Gallery was founded to bring a wide variety of art to the public. We carry over 200 artists, painting in a great variety of styles. Some artists have works hanging in the Myanmar National Museum and museum galleries overseas; some are up-and-coming artists, some are artists who have pursued their own vision, or developed their style over decades. Each has something to communicate to someone.

Artists Of Pansodan Gallery

Pansodan Gallery carries many artists. Here are samples of a few.
Read more on our (very occasional) blog.